Crocus d’oro Saffron with Lentils

Crocus d’oro Saffron with Lentils

Two versatile ingredients

Refined and tasty: that’s how the Saffron of Nepi is presented to the eyes and mouth of those who observe and taste it. A pleasure for the senses, especially when it goes to embellish even the simplest dishes, such as lentils. Who said that the famous soup is eaten only during Christmas meals and at the end of the New Year’s Eve dinner?

The one between our spice and the small legumes is a typical perfect marriage. Nepi Saffron lentils represent a first course suitable for winter and summer days, but it’s easy to find them as side dish alongside any kind of meal. Both lentil and saffron, in fact, are very versatile ingredients. Besides, when they are eaten as a first course, they can be seen as a recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone: omnivorous, vegetarian and vegan people.

We suggest our medium-low difficulty preparation recipe. It is necessary to be careful to the Saffron pistils: you mustn’t cook them, otherwise you lose for sure a part of the natural properties of the ingredient.

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