Saffron of Nepi

Crocus D’oro – Saffron of Nepi

The Project

The Crocus d’oro – Saffron of Nepi project comes from the desire to rediscover our territory, from our passion for nature and from the necessity of a back to the origins, when men and land lived as one in a kind coexistence made of reciprocal nutrition, love and dedication. So from the ruins of an old farmhouse in Nepi (Lazio), an italian common Italian well-known for its waters, we created this project. Our main activity is the cultivation of true saffron (Crocus sativus) and herbs, in full respect of traditions, genuineness and without any kind of chemical additive.

Saffron of Nepi

Our Crocus Sativus is cultivated in a protected territory, where the land is rich and clay free of pesticides and chemical agents: ideal for cultivation.
The bulbs are planted in august, in october the first leaves emerge, in late october until mid-november the buds start to sprout. These are harvested by hand before they open. In the same day, stigmas are extracted one by one, selected and dried in a sterile environment.
Once dried, the stigmas are packed in certified glass jars for food use, sealed with an elegant black and gold label and then packed in a transparent box perfect for shipment and exposure. Now available in a special card with 4 flowers. Contact us for more information.

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Every single step of the production process aims to maintain unmistakable properties and aroma of the stigmas, guaranteeing the quality of the product until it is discovered. Pistils before being used should be put in a cup of hot water or broth and leave to rest for about half an hour. Then they can be added at the end of your recipes. It is very important that saffron is never cooked, because high temperatures might destroy the organoleptic properties of this precious spice.

The future is a strong return to the origins through cultivation, requalification of land.